Intelligent Energy Saving Automations

Our ready to install Intelligent Automation Solutions kits are specifically designed for Energy Saving on board ships, such as Engine room Supply Fan and Pumps Speed Controls with real time remote monitoring, data log and Smart Ship integration. Our systems operates on multiple input feed backs and highly précised algorithms to ensure adequate supply and pressure at any given time and with a ROI of less than two years. All these systems are customizable and can be installed by two on board engineers on new built or existing vessels due to its simple connect and play designs.

Ultrasonic Marine Growth Prevention System

Sonic PRO (UK) high-power output ultrasonic antifouling system is designed to keep sea chests, strainers, box coolers, hulls, stern tubes, thruster tunnels, and seawater pipe networks clear of algae, barnacles, and mussels to maintain their optimum flow rate performance for the vessel's critical onboard systems.
Our integrated Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Pump Speed Control System with the Sonic PRO (UK) high-power output ultrasonic antifouling system will help ships save significant energy while maintaining the rated cooling water flow in onboard heat exchangers and water supply systems. These systems are customizable and very easy to install on both new builds and existing vessels.

ATEX and ABS Certified Explosion Proof LED Lights

When it comes to energy-saving and reducing the carbon footprint of ships, LED technology is indispensable. However, safety is a major concern when using LED lights aboard dangerous cargo vessels.
Introducing our ATEX, ICEX, and ABS Marine Class certified Explosion-Proof LED floodlights and handheld portable lights series. These lights not only help reduce fuel consumption but also come with a five-year warranty, allowing you to bid farewell to the 220 VAC low insulation alarm issues on weather decks. We offer a wide range of LED floodlights suitable for non-explosive type ships such as bulk carriers and containers.

Our specially designed T8 LED tube lights are engineered to seamlessly replace conventional fluorescent lamps without the need for modifying existing light fixtures and wiring. This simple switch can effectively cut onboard energy consumption for both the engine room and accommodation areas by half.

Articulated Tug and Barge Couplers

Say goodbye to conventional and hazardous tug and barge towing operations. Digiship, in collaboration with Beacon Finland, is introducing the new JAK ATB coupling to the Asian and Middle Eastern markets. This innovative system converts customized tug barges into a single vessel, enabling operation in adverse weather conditions and navigating through narrow river passages with confidence, eliminating the risk of losing control and colliding with bridges and other vessels.

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